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Do you need to replace your aging motor?  Or perhaps you've considered an engine swap that will yield more power.  A quality used engine from Force 5 Automotive may be just what you're looking for...

Turbo Charged    Normally Aspirated    Super Charged


Motor Code/Displacement/Design



Turbo Charged


Various Audi/VW1.8T engines and engines packages available.  View pictures 
2012 Audi S4CCB/3.0 liter/V6 supercharged, long block, used. $2500 View picturesonly 2,500 miles
Audi S4/S6AAN/2.2 liter/I5 20 valve.

Motors available separately or with harness and ECU.

Audi 200

several available

MC2/2.2 liter/I5 10 valveMileages vary

Audi 5000tq

several available

MC1/2.2 liter/I5 10 valve

Mileages vary.


Normally Aspirated


Audi Coupe Quattro7A/2.3 liter/I5 20 valve 
Audi V8PT/3.6 liter/V8 32 valve 
Audi V81993 4.2 liter V8

Audi A6q

AHA/ATQ V6 30 valve



Super Charged


VW Corrado

PG/1.8 liter/I4 8 valve G60

128k miles

Have an engine swap in mind?  Force 5 Automotive can supply complete engine harnesses and ECU's, as well as other items that are invariably needed to complete such projects.  Just tell Chris what you need!

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